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Lee Kelly is a highly trained beautician who eats sleeps and breathes beauty aesthetics. Always seeking perfection, her passion, drive and enthusiasm keep her in demand. She currently is based in Malaysia and her love for beauty started during her teenage years, as she always wears full, thick heavy foundation and tons of makeup. She started to educate herself in beauty aesthetics, taking every opportunity to practice and improve on her craft. In her early adulthood, she started working as a trainee in a salon in KL and learned all there is to know about taking care of human skin and fell in love with the field instantly, resulting in her furthering her studies major in beauty line.

With more than 17 years of experience in aesthetics and beauty therapy, Lee Kelly has learnt from her clients one universal rule: women want to look fresh, flawless and beautiful. It’s this philosophy that enables her to create a signature style that is feminine and natural, yet in keeping with modern style inspiration drawn from her many creative sources. Most people avoid beauty related courses as they often have the misconception that beauticians only give out facial massages with the products that they use in the process of treatment only, but that is not the case. Beauticians are required to undergo comprehensive studies in Anatomy and Physiology, Bacteriology, Cosmetic Chemistry, Skin Disorders & Nutrition. They are trained to assess the body also from a holistic point of view, determining the effects of stress and consequences on the overall appearance and well being of clients. By reading a lot of beauty books during her school days, Lee Kelly managed to score distinction in Advanced Diploma theory..



Lee Kelly’s vast experience, combined with training by some of the industry’s most highly regarded professionals, sees her clients transformed into their best selves. Her clients’ absolute satisfaction is her number one priority, each and every time.

People who think skin & facials is just for vanity... they're completely wrong. We don't have enough touch in this world, & we are so busy, so when someone stops & makes you feel good through touch, it's an incredible thing. People think visiting beauty salon is a waste of time & money since they are using the products at home. It is the same as we brush our teeth in every morning and before bed time, still, we need to visit the dentist for regular checkup & scaling is necessary every 6 months. Professional Skin Treatments are like oil changes for your car. Do them regularly.


Lee Kelly swears by natural beauty products, stating that they are the only long term solution for humans to look and feel the best. She insists that artificial beauty products, that are laced with chemicals, allow humans to look good in short bursts, but eventually cause the skin to deteriorate with extended usage. Before purchasing any skincare products, she will always check the ingredients to avoid anything harmful. It is this drive that made her decide to create her own beauty products, that are all natural. 


The endless creativity and artistic freedom found in the beauty industry gives Lee Kelly plenty of room to grow as she plans to continue honing her craft, adding to her client base and setting her sights on teaching beauty in the future. Beauty is art; Lee Kelly the aesthetician.





    1.    Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Jurukecantikan Tahap 1

    2.    Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Juruestetik Tahap 2

    3.    Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Aromatherapist Tahap 2

    4.    Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia Juruterapi Estetik Tahap 3

    5.    Diploma in SPA Aesthetic Therapist



1. City & Guilds Diploma in Beauty Therapy Skills Principles and Practice 2

2. City & Guilds Level 3 IVQ Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy



    1.    Certificate in Bridal Image Makeup

    2.    Certificate in Air Brush Makeup



    1.    Certificate in Body Painting & Face Painting


Distinction in Principles for C&G Diploma and Advanced Diploma